Rosendin Bags Prestige Diamond Award at NECA Electrical Excellence Awards

The Southern California teams of Rosendin, the country’s largest electrical contractor company, have earned eight industry awards at the National Electrical Contractors Association’s 2021  Electrical Awards. The Los Angeles County chapter of the NECA has presented Rosendin these awards in recognition of their work on several projects in the Los Angeles area. These include the Century Plaza Hotel and the SoFi stadium. 


NECA acknowledges these great achievements to be notable due to the excellence shown despite the ravages of a global pandemic. NECA’s 2021 Electrical Excellence Awards are given to outstanding projects that meet the highest standards of innovation, workmanship, and professionalism. These are presented to the best companies all over Southern California.


The Century Plaza Hotel

The Century Plaza Hotel is a 19-story luxury hotel located in Century City. It opened in 1966 and at the time was the highest building in the city, allowing a view of the Pacific Ocean. It is also the first hotel to have all rooms outfitted with color televisions. It was originally scheduled for demolition but was added to the National Trust for Historic Preservation back in 2009. 


It is considered an iconic structure that would stand for future generations to make use of. The Century Plaza Hotel was closed in 2016 for renovations and redevelopment, which will include 400 guest rooms, 63 residences, an upgraded modern ballroom for events, as well as many other luxury amenities. The hotel will reopen in 2021 with the aim of envisioning a uniquely Holywood feel.

SoFI Stadium

SoFi Stadium is an entertainment complex and stadium located in Inglewood, California. It stands on the former site of the Hollywood Park Racetrack. The SoFI stadium serves as the home to two National Football League teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. It will also be hosting the following events in the upcoming years: Super Bowl LVI 2022, College Football Playoff National Championship 2023, World Wrestling Entertainment’s Wrestlemania 39, and select events from the 2028 Summer Olympics (opening ceremonies, archery, soccer, and closing ceremonies). The SoFi stadium is composed of a performance center, a pedestrian plaza, and the stadium proper. 

About Rosendin Electric

Rosendin Electric was established in 1919. It is currently the largest employee-owned company in the industry and the 4th largest electrical contractor in the United States. It provides communications and electrical installations from its headquarters in San Jose, California. 


The company has also constructed and designed wind energy plants, starting with their first installation in 2022. As of 2011, Rosendin Electric has completed at least 60 wind farm projects, as well as collections systems and grids, providing accessible renewable energy to many areas.

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Rosendin Electric fosters a culture of shared ownership, diversity, and inclusion. In 1992, the Rosendin Family sold the company to the employees of Rosendin Electric. This buyout resulted in the company becoming the largest employee-owned electrical contractor. 

About The National Electrical Contractors Association

Established in 1901, The National Electrical Contractors Association is the topmost representative of the construction market’s over 70,000 electrical contracting firms. It is composed of 119 chapters in the United States alone on top of other countries. 


NECA believes in elevating the industry by promoting higher standards and quality workmanship while training a skilled workforce. It aims to achieve these through education, promotional activities and expanding professional networks. 

Carpet cleaner

5 Things to Consider when Getting a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning can often be an overwhelming task. Dust, spills, and other debris can accumulate over months and years. If you’re not one for spending a long day scrubbing carpeted floors by hand, you might consider investing in a carpet cleaner. If it’s your first time getting one and you’re unsure what to look for, this list is for you. We’ll lay out the most important things to consider when getting yourself a new carpet cleaner.

Weight and Size

The first thing you’ll want to think about is the size and weight of your carpet cleaner. Depending on the size of the floor area, you may find yourself needing to move around a lot during the cleaning process. There are compact and lightweight models available on the market but generally, carpet cleaners tend to be heavy and large. Adding cleaning solution and water can add up to 15 pounds and the largest models can weigh up to a total of 58 pounds when full. You may opt for smaller models if you need mobility and storage space.

Device Features

There are two kinds of carpet cleaner machines:

The first one is the standard carpet cleaner. They’re primarily for scrubbing your carpets after spraying them with a combination of water and detergent before sucking up the wastewater into the machine. This type isn’t built for picking up dust, dirt, and debris.

Two-in-one or multifunction cleaners are often equipped with a washing mode and a vacuum. This saves you time and electrical costs from switching between two machines. However, some machines are only half as effective as their dedicated counterparts.

Whichever type you get, you will want a set of features that matches your needs. When choosing a carpet cleaner machine, you will want to look through things like hose length, accessories, settings, and specific functions like a water tank heater or an automixer. Pick according to your anticipated cleaning requirements.

Carpet Material and Stains

Your carpet’s material often determines how often it needs to be cleaned and how the cleaning is carried out. Some carpets may need a specific kind of cleaning solution for safe use. The same is true for the type of stains you will have to deal with. Depending on the liquid or substance that made the stain, there are multiple solutions on the market that can address most of these concerns. It is often recommended to get compatible brands as recommended by the manufacturer.

Frequency of Use

Check your carpet’s recommended cleaning schedules to see if purchasing a carpet cleaner is worth the investment. You may find yourself bringing out the machine frequently if your carpeted floor takes on much foot traffic as well as frequent spills. On the other hand, it might not be a solid investment if you only use it once a year.


Carpet cleaners are a good investment when you want a machine to make things easier for you. But one should take into consideration how much value one would get out of the purchase. All the things mentioned above should also be in line with one’s personal budget as well as making the most of these features.